10 Times to Hire a Kitchen Designer by Houzz

These specialists can solve layout issues, update an older space, create thoughtful design details and more.

Your Kitchen Doesn’t Flow

If your kitchen just isn’t working for you, the flow could be the culprit. A kitchen designer’s specialized expertise means this pro is especially well-suited to finding creative solutions for flow issues in this hardworking room.

In the Toronto-area home shown here, kitchen designers from Square Footage removed walls separating a little-used formal living room and dining area, transforming what was a cramped, dislocated series of rooms into one airy open-plan kitchen and dining space overlooking the backyard.

2. You Want to Add Value to Your Home

A freshly remodeled kitchen is high on many buyers’ wish lists. Make sure your home stands out with a kitchen that goes above and beyond builder-grade basics by hiring a kitchen designer to upgrade your space. Kitchen designers are immersed in current trends and know what appeals to buyers — making them ideally suited to guiding design decisions when a sale is on the horizon.

3. You Want Access to the Latest Tech

Three-dimensional renderings and drawings of projects aren’t just cool — these high-tech offerings allow you to get a realistic picture of what your finished space will look like and assess various options before committing. This can save you headaches and scheduling delays, not to mention thatcan reduce unnecessary spending. 4. You’re Renovating an Old House

From outdated building codes to unusual historic design elements, updating an older house is a challenge that requires a special touch. An experienced kitchen designer can help you navigate this tricky process smoothly.

When kitchen designer Sarah Roberston of Studio Dearborn remodeled the historic Scarsdale, New York, Colonial kitchen shown here, she had to balance design elements from the earliest portion of the home — dating back to the early 19th century — with an addition completed in the 1920s. The finished space nods to the home’s rich history while incorporating fresh, modern touches.

5. You Want a Well-Thought-Out Kitchen

Whether it’s cabinetry that fits your extra-large pans or a countertop perfectly proportioned for your height, having just-right details is often what takes a space from ho-hum to exceptional. With their knowledge of everything from thorough space planning to custom-designed cabinetry and smart features (like the charging drawer shown here), kitchen designers are experts in crafting thoughtfully designed spaces. 6. Your Kitchen Is Cramped

A kitchen that’s too small can really cramp your (cooking) style. If you need to creatively gain some extra space, consider adding a kitchen designer to your team. This design pro can come up with innovative ways to rethink your available space and make your cooking and eating area feel more spacious and light.

The Minneapolis kitchen shown here was once dark and cramped, with little storage and even less counter space. Kitchen designer Kate Roos Design removed a peninsula, added a custom built-in hutch and turned a closet into a functional pantry — all without adding any square footage.

7. You Want a Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen designer’s expertise can take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. This design pro can craft an outdoor space that takes into account current building codes and construction issues as well as design trends and kitchen workflow. 8. You Want to Design a Bath or Laundry Room Too

Kitchens, baths and laundry rooms all share a certain number of features — like plumbing and cabinetry — so it makes sense that many kitchen designers take on these spaces too. If you have a kitchen-and-bath remodel in mind (or a kitchen and laundry room), a kitchen designer can handle the entire project, ensuring that the design and installation processes are streamlined and cohesive.

9. Aesthetics Are a High Priority for You

Yes, you can hire a contractor to handle a basic kitchen remodel, or even do some of the work yourself if you’re an experienced DIYer. But if aesthetics and current trends are important to you, a kitchen designer is the pro you want on your team. This designer specializes in what’s hot in kitchens and can offer a much wider range of fixtures and finishes than anything you could get on your own. Kate Roos Design

10. You’re Ready to Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Life

Have you been dreaming of a stunning new kitchen, complete with custom cabinetry and chef-worthy appliances? If you’re finally ready to make it happen, a kitchen designer can work with you to bring your vision to fruition.


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